Ettinger & Associates, LLC
Peachtree Office Plaza
1815 Schadt Avenue, Suite 4
Whitehall, PA 18052
Phone: (610) 439-3881
Fax: (610) 439-3849
Lehigh Town Center
4330 Lehigh Drive (PA 248)
Walnutport, PA 18088
Phone: (610) 767-3881
Fax: (610) 767-2900

Attorney Services in Whitehall and Walnutport, Pennsylvania

Special Offer, Attorney Services in Whitehall, PA

Find the attorney services you need no matter the occasion with Ettinger & Associates, LLC, in Whitehall or Walnutport, Pennsylvania. We are professionals in real estate law, and you can count on us to handle all aspects of your estate planning needs.

Full-Service Law Firm
At Ettinger & Associates, LLC,we are a general practice law firm maintaining an office on Schadt Avenue in Whitehall and an office on PA 248 in Walnutport. Our areas of practice includes:

• Municipal Law & Zoning Law
• Real Estate & Title Insurance
• Civil Litigation
• License Suspension
• Family Law
• Landlord Tenant
• Immigration
• Corporate & Business Law
• Limited Liability Companies
• Commercial Transactions
• Personal Injury
• Estates
• School Law
• Trademark
• Copyright Law
• Workers' Compensation
• Criminal Law
• Wills & Estate Planning
• Construction Contracts
• Social Security

Representing Your Best Interests
Ettinger & Associates, LLC provides affordable attorney services and aggressive and zealous representation. We pride ourselves on offering personalized service without sacrificing quality.

During your initial consultation, we give you an estimate of the time the legal process might take, as well as any fees that may be associated with your representation or case. Email us to learn more.

Schedule an appointment with us in Whitehall or Walnutport, Pennsylvania, and let our attorneys represent you.

Associations: Pennsylvania Bar Association // Bar Association of Lehigh County // Solicitor for Weisenberg Township for Building Code of Appeals //
Solicitor for Weisenberg Township Zoning Hearing Board // Solicitors for Bowmanstown Borough Authority